Have your cake and eat it too?
I rock.
Feeling all domesticated today after I got home from work. I made some cupcakes, funfetti of course, and I'm going to start making dinner in a little while. Hopefully it will come out okay. I've never made macaroni and cheese not from a box before. Keep your fingers crossed kids.

I think Andrew gave me his sickness. I'm going to have to poke him in the eye later for it. He told me he would get me sick too. So now I can't be all whiny about it, because he'll say, "I told you so."

As always, I need a vacation. Too bad I can't afford to take a vacation. Well at least go anywhere. I could take a week off and sit around the house in pajamas the whole time. I'm trying to convince Andrew we should go somewhere for a weekend this summer. Even if it is to Sarasota. That would be awesome.

On that note kids, I'm off to find a cough drop. Rock on.

I wish I was anyone but me....
I rock.
I have a Sunday off.

I couldn't even tell you the last time I had a Sunday off.

So much for Easter.

I feel like I don't belong anywhere.

I'm twenty five going on Twenty six and I don't belong anywhere.

I wish I could figure this out.

I wish it all made sense.

Lets drift back down that highway now....
I rock.
Man, I'm sitting at home on my day off with nothing to do.

I really need to get a hobby.

It's gotten a little cold again and I'm sitting here with my pink and yellow arm warmers. Oh good times. They make me want to eat cotton candy. :)

I have the worst stomach ache right now. I feel icky.

I hate when people call you but don't leave a message. They were obviously calling for a reason. *ponders*

That's about all kids.

A few ramblings....
I rock.
My hands are for some reason falling asleep. No good when trying to type.

Not feeling too good today. Feeling quite icky. Lazy and sluggish.

I enjoy writing in incomplete sentences. Well with the exception of the last one.

I'm bored at home on a Saturday afternoon surfing the interweb. And better yet, I'm listening to and Oldies station.

I'm feeling quite pathetic.

Been reading a lot lately. Which is good cause TV rots your brain.

Man I'm so out of it today.

I've been making random lists lately.

Here's one for you now.

1. Sometimes cover songs are better than the original.
2. I wonder if the makes the original artist jealous.
3. Andrew is sleeping on the couch.
4. The cat tried licking my hand earlier when he was bathing himself.
5. I like days like today when it's cloudy and overcast.
6. Perhaps that's why I'm sluggish.
7. I wish I had a bowl of ice cream.

I'm off. Rock on kids.

(no subject)
I rock.
Well. It's eight thirty in the morning, and I've been up for three hours now. I couldn't sleep last night and I got up at five thirty when the alarm went off for Andrew to go to work. I've laid on the couch flipping channels until then. We have digital cable and believe it or not with 150 channels there was still nothing on. *shakes fist in the air*

I have, as it seems, a hundred things to do today. I'm sure that's why I couldn't sleep. Too many lists running through my head. So instead of starting the baking or wrapping I need to do, I sit here and update my live journal.

Not much has gone on. I have to work tomorrow, which isn't too bad because I volunteered. It's only about the money of course. I'm such a slave to my job.

Well on that note kids, have a great Christmas.

Be my friend...hold me....
I rock.
I love that sometimes when I talk to Mike he puts things into perspective that I should have already known. Sometimes they are things that I already did know but I was unwilling to accept, or just realize. I miss that kid sometimes.

I love that my drink tastes like lemon lime kool-aide and it's not.

I'm going out with Andrew in a little while to meet Ashley and company at Chili's. I'm kind of nervous. I don't act very well in situations where there are people I don't know. Thank god, Nicci and Galen, whom I haven't seen in like two years will be there. At least I'll have someone to talk to. And Andrew of course. I'm nervous. I hate that I'm 25 and still get nervous around new people. I hope that someday this will change.

I love that going out means I can paint my nails and feel pretty. I'm even wearing a necklace. Oh good times.

(no subject)
I rock.
It is so cold in my house right now, it's unbelievable. I know that everyone is thinking that I'm crazy because I live in Florida, but I'm seriously always cold, so when it's lower than 60, I freeze my ass off. I can't feel my hands. *laughs*

I've been horribly clumsy lately. I'm not too sure why, but I can't seem to keep my hands on anything. I hope there is not something neurologically wrong with me. Not good times.

Works been crazy. Don't ever work in a retail store during the holiday time. People are so rude. I'm starting to lose my faith in humanity.

Man I'm hungry. I wish I knew what to have for dinner.

Enough ranting. Rock on kids.

We'll celebrate the end of things.......
I rock.
I have the day off today and I plan on doing absolutely nothing. I'm don't even think I'm going to get dressed. That's really unproductive.

Daylight Saving kicked my ass yesterday. Having to be at work at six am, I woke up to what I thought was quarter to and I rushed getting ready only to find out it was quarter to five. Oh man did that mess up my day.

Andrew has already told me that he knows what he's going to get me for Christmas. Even worse, he's said he's known for about a year and really known for like six months. I told him if it was over five dollars I would not accept it. :)

I'm downloading old Jimmy Fallon songs. Oh I entertain myself. And I'm so lame, but I kick ass!

I guess that's all for now kids. Rock on.

(no subject)
I rock.
Ever have one of those days where you just hate everything? Your job, your life, yourself? Everything?

I'm having one of those days today.

And I even hate that.

A burst of moon, a blast of air....
I rock.
I told you guys I would write more often.

I'm trying to find more music to listen too. I'm currently listening to the new Weakerthans album and so far it's quite good. I really am emo. Speaking of being emo, I think I'm losing my identity. Well, not really but I feel like I should be doing adult things, so the juxtaposition between being an adult actually doing adult things is very strange to me and it's causing an internal conflict.

I want to start writing again. I figured I hadn't written in a long time because for once I was happy and had nothing to write about. But I'm still happy and I want to write. The burning desire that's inside of me to write is going to start eating me alive. I need to express my creativity.

I need a hair cut. I wish I could cut it myself. It's driving me crazy.

A lot of things drive me crazy though.


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